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Help us help others.

The Mourne Mountain Rescue Team is a 24 hour a day, 365 days a year voluntary emergency rescue service providing a search and rescue response in extreme terrain and weather conditions in the Mourne Mountains, Slieve Croob, Slieve Gullion, the Cooley Mountains and anywhere else in Ireland if and when we are tasked.
When recruiting new members we look for people with a strong interest in mountaineering activities, a high level of commitment, a reasonable level of fitness and possess hill walking / climbing experience, some navigation and hill craft as well as a commitment to participating in regular team training and practices.

Recruitment to the Mourne Mountain Rescue Team is open to people over 18 years of age living within one hour of our base in Newcastle, Co. Down.

It takes approx 1 year to progress from being an associate member to qualifying as a full team member. A selection day for those interested in joining the team will be held in early December where we will select up to 6 candidates to commence training with the team as an associate member. They will undergo an intense 3 month induction programme after which if they meet the required standard will be integrated into the full team training schedule. An associate member can, at the request of a coordinator, be used on a Callout after their initial 3 month induction period.

After a further 9 months an associate member can be asked to undertake an assessment to become a full team member.

Firstly, we require a written application as a firm statement of intent by you to join the Team. You should include in this letter your previous hill experience, any qualifications you have in mountaineering, climbing and first aid. You should also state your intentions and reasons for wanting to join the Mourne MRT. On receipt of this letter, and acceptance by the committee, you will be sent an application form which should also be filled in and returned to the Hon. Secretary.

Joining and working with The Mourne Mountain Rescue Team will be rewarding, fun and will enable you to help provide a real service to those in need or difficulty in the Mourne Mountains and surrounding areas.