About the Team

The Mourne Mountain Rescue Team was established in 1962. It was the first mountain rescue team in Ireland. We are also a member of team Mountain Rescue Ireland. The Mourne Mountain Rescue Team (hereafter referred to as “The Team”) is made up entirely of volunteers who live close to the Mournes.

 Everyone on The Team has something in common in that they are all skilled and experienced mountaineers. Turning out in all weathers, day or night, 365 days a year. The Team share a common purpose, to help anyone who is in trouble on the hills. Based at the foot of Slieve Donard in the coastal town of Newcastle, all operations and callouts are conducted from the PSNI Station.

The team maintains an operational membership of around thirty-five people in order to provide this service. We are always keen to hear from any potential members. We are a registered charity and totally dependent on donations from the public. It costs around £30,000 per year to maintain the service which must be raised through our own efforts. There are several ways you can support us to achieve this. Your help is vital for us to maintain the rescue service.

The numbers of people heading into the mountains for recreational purposes in Ireland has increased significantly over the last few years and so has the need for a professional mountain rescue response. Adequately equipped and trained hillwalkers/climbers will bring the level of risk down, but it will not eliminate the possibility of even the most experienced person having an accident, which requires our assistance.

Our team is made up from people from all backgrounds, Outdoor instructors, teachers, painters, building contractors, police officers, fire fighters, designers, business owners and even first aid instructors. All of our members have one thing in common and that is they all have some form of mountaineering/hillwalking background and they want to give back their time, expertise and support to those in need in the mountains – voluntarily.

Our membership is made up of “Full Team Members”, “Associate/Trainee Members” and “Auxiliary Members”. We also have a class of membership called “Honorary Team Member”, this position is only awarded to team members or individuals who have gone over and above the call of duty.